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Found a Dog or Cat?

Contact places that maintain a lost and found list.

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue:
(269) 226-8570
Cat Form
Dog Form

Kalamazoo Humane Society
(269) 345-1181

Kalamazoo County Animal Control
(269) 383-8775

and any other Animal Control within a 10-mile radius of you

  • Found = Free with the Kalamazoo Gazette.   (269) 381-5100
    They will allow you to place a free 3-day ad if you find a pet.   It will be seen by the most people if you time the ad to run on the weekend.   Leave out some determining characteristic about the animal and be sure to have a caller describe the animal.   Don't describe the animal for the caller.   There are dishonest people who may try to claim the animal is theirs when it isn't.
  • Call ahead to a vet clinic to see if they will scan the animal for a microchip.
  • Call area vet clinics and ask if they have reports of missing pets.
  • Post flyers around the area you found the pet.
  • Place flyers on bulletin boards at the pet stores, Meijer, etc.
  • If you have found orphaned kittens or puppies, visit our orphan help page.
Many "found" pets are never claimed.  Your next step may be "Finding a New Home for a Dog or Cat."


(deer, racoons, squirrels, birds, etc)

These contacts either have or can help you find a wildlife rehabilitator.

Kalamazoo Nature Center (269) 381-1574

Michigan DNR (click on the Wildlife and Habitat link on the left on) Plainwell Office: (269) 685-6851

Friends of Wildlife Ann Arbor, MI

A longer Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators from the DNR.

Good reference site with a "I just found baby mammal/bird. Now what?" help section.

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