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Meet Olive

Domestic Medium Hair-black Mix

Approx DOB: 10/15/2017
Gender: Female

Olive- sweet but sassy black Medium hair. Very active and plays well with other cats and small dogs. She is affectionate but loves to play. A busy home is no problem for Olive- she needs friends to play with. Olive would do best in a active home with other cats or dogs. She plays with anyone, anything or any pet that she comes in contact with. She has not been around large dogs, but seems to adjust well and quickly. Olive is very busy and does not have time for cuddles until she is tired, because she is too busy playing. When she is ready to cuddle with you, she will jump up on your chair with you. She loves to walk around your head and neck giving constant face rubs, cheek rubs and nose rubs. Olive would be a great kitty for some one who wants a friend to play with.

Bonnie G was her foster parent.

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