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Meet Reeses

Domestic Long Hair-gray Mix

No Kids
Approx DOB: 5/01/2018
Gender: Male

Reeses is regal and truly the most handsome cat you’ll ever meet. He has a presence around him that make him stand out. He was born to a large litter and he is king of the group. This handsome fellow loves to play with toys and chase is his favorite game. He will pick up toys with his front paws and toss them around. He loves a soft bed and will often be found in the best perch in the house. All befitting the king of the realm. He’s adorable with a mix of medium to long hair. He even has white little tippy toes on his paws. Making him truly a special cat. This gentle boy has taken a while to warm up to people and now he wants to make up for lost time. He loves to come up for affection, but may not the clingy I have to be ongou type. He still isn’t sure about people petting his head and can be nervous, so a home without small children is preferred. Since he is the king of all he surveys he can also be a bit pushy about food, so he may do well as the only cat, or with another cat who will let him have his way. Once you meet this handsome fellow he will steal your heart. His gentle personality and playful ways will surely make him a wonderful addition to your home.

Jodie G was his foster parent.

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