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Meet Maximus

Domestic Short Hair-black and white Mix

Approx DOB: 6/16/2018
Gender: Male

Are you looking for the purr-fect kitten? One that is playful, curious, loving, outgoing and gets along with other animals? well look no further! Max is your guy! This little boy is a thief and will steal your heart. He loves to be with people and will insist on sleeping on your lap when watching TV or in the bed with you. When he isn't sleeping, Max is often running around the house playing with various toys. He loves his jingle balls but his favorite toys are food wrappers! He loves to play keep-away when you try to take them from him. Max is very curious and wants to be involved in everything you do like laundry, dishes, and even when you are taking a shower!

Max has grown up in our home with other dogs, cats, and visitors. While he hasn't been exposed to little kids, I have no doubt he will be fine with them. He is very easy going.

Kate F was his foster parent.

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