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Meet Josephine

Domestic Short Hair Mix

Approx DOB: 8/04/2020
Gender: Female

My name is Josephine, I love snuggling when I'm ready to sleep but I spend most of my time training for a kitty-triathlon, in case there ever is one in my area and because I have a lot of energy to spend! In the sunlight you can see my black-on-black tiger stripes and I walk like a panther because I'm kind of a big deal! I love running, kitty-style parkour, “Mouse For Cats” video game on the iPad, playing with toys, my siblings, the dog, and my people. The dog I live with is really big so my foster mom only lets my sniff, kiss, and bat at him from her lap I guess he's too big to play with right now. Because I'm a very fast, agile star athlete, I hope my forever home has a kitty tree to race up & down and scratch as well as a ball to chase and carry around in my mouth so that I can keep training. Oh...and I don't talk much but when I get lost in my house, I yelp like a puppy so that you can find me! I can't wait to meet my forever family and show them all my athletic abilities and give them head-buts when I want to snuggle!

Timi W was her foster parent.

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