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Meet Monkey

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby Mix
Chowhound on Stadium
Approx DOB: 6/22/2021
Gender: Male

Hi, I'm Monkey! I like to make my humans laugh with my crazy kitten energy. I love to play and pounce on anything I can. My foster mom buys me all sorts of toys, but I prefer Amazon boxes and wrappers. She doesn't mind what I play with, but sometimes gets upset if I tackle the toilet paper roll and unravel it... I'm just trying to dress up like a mummy! I love my cat siblings and hope that whoever adopts me will play with me lots and maybe even have a brother or sister for me! I also love to talk to my humans, but sometimes I don't think they know what I am saying... they just make all these funny noises back at me. Normally I am trying to tell them my food dish is empty, it takes a lot of energy to be a kitten and to make them laugh! Some of my favorites: - CATNIP - laser pointers - cat treats - attacking feet under blankets Things my foster mom tells me are good for me....but I question her: - getting my nails trimmed - that two cans of soft food a day are bad for me - the treats aren't just mine and I should share

Kelly F was his foster parent.

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