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Meet Panko

Domestic Short Hair, Tuxedo Mix
Chowhound on Stadium
Approx DOB: 8/13/2021
Gender: Male

Hi there, I'm Panko! I'm the perfect mix of snuggly and playful, maybe I lean a bit more on the playful side. What is a kitten to do though when there are so many exciting things to play with and see! More than anything I love breakfast. Pate soft food is amazing! If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it! If you can't find me running around or in the catio, you will most likely find me in my cat bed with the heating pad, sprawled out and taking up as much space as I can! In the morning I make a great alarm clock by giving lots of loving head-butts. If you try to hide under the covers I will start to cry though because I can't find you!

Kelly F was his foster parent.

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