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Meet Loki

Domestic Short Hair-orange Mix
Housed at Kitty Camp
Approx DOB: 8/02/2021
Gender: Male

Loki is so much fun to cuddle; he cuddles right back & he always smells good because he’s big into personal hygiene. Loki has a very soft meow but he will find his voice if he finds himself in a pickle. His purr on the other hand, he’s got a big purr! He will start purring when you talk to him. Loki is great with other cats & dogs, as he has spent most of his life with a big dog, 4 adult cats, & his sister Sylvie. I have lots of tiktoks of him (@beafostersavealife) if you’d like to see more of him playing & snuggling! His favorite pastimes are chasing ping pong balls, eating, & copying everything his sister does. When he’s done playing, then it’s cuddle time!

Timi W was his foster parent.

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