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Meet Christa's Favorite

Domestic Long Hair-gray, Dilute Tortoiseshell Mix
Chowhound on Westnedge
Approx DOB: 1/31/2020
Gender: Female

Meet Christa’s favorite. Lol. She came in named Ghost but that name was already assigned to another cat. Christa’s favorite is a big girl that loves attention. She will push to get in your lap and has almost spilled my coffee head butting it to get it out of her way. She loves to lay on top of a puzzle I am working on and mess it up. Basically, look at me type of cat. She is beautiful and is worth all the attention she demands. She loves to be brushed and lay in your lap or across it. She came into the rescue with two other cats named Twitchy and Truffles and is currently being fostered with them. She has been around small older dogs and doesn’t have issues with them. My old dogs with her are another story.

Candy B was her foster parent.

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