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Meet Sammy

Domestic Short Hair-white, Tabby Mix
Chowhound on Stadium
Approx DOB: 4/27/2022
Gender: Female

Bonded with Stevie. Sammy also goes by “Sammyam”, “Sammykins”, and “Samese”, is a brave explorer and climber and loves to play--she plays with humans, adult cats, and her brother (her favorite playmate). Playing with feathered toys, heavy strings, balls, and wrestling or playing chase are some of his favorite things to do. Sammy and his brother Stevie are a bonded pair. They both purr loudly when happy while being pet and have both been getting treats every morning and dental treats every evening. Sammy also likes gently playing with feet and licking water off of (outdoor potted) plants.

Mehdi was her foster parent.

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