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Meet Orange Marmalade

Tabby - Orange Mix

Approx DOB: 7/06/2022
Gender: Female

Orange Marmalade has been a joy since moving in at three weeks old! Such a sense of humor with a twist. Marmalade was named for her color and apparent sweetness that soon turned to a spicy sass! We affectionately call her Spicy Nugget. She loves to play with her humans, as well as her foster siblings. Since no one told her she was the littlest here she has no issues taking on any who dare challenge her. "Gold is bold" as we say. As fierce as she plays she also loves to cuddle when sleepy. Her favorite spots are on my shoulder or in the high tower cat bed. Marmalade has a purr unchallenged in this home, loud and proud. Does Marmalade sound like she'd be a purrfect addition to your home? Ask for a meeting and find out!

Tara B was her foster parent.

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