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Meet Kuromi

Domestic Short Hair, Calico Mix

Approx DOB: 3/25/2022
Gender: Female

Hi, my name is Kuromi! Thank you for showing interest in me. What caught your eye about me? The beautiful (yes, I know it) colors of my fur? My darling hazel eyes? Maybe its the fact that I'm a pretty princess amongst a trio of fools (my brothers, of course)? Whichever, you are sure to love me! I like to spend my time up in my cushiony castle napping or watching out the window. I play with my brothers occasionally, but only on my own terms. You may pet and groom my fur as you wish, but please do not interrupt my princess duties for cuddle time. I will come to you when I want to. I would not mind being an only cat, but your other cats will be alright as long as they know who the real princess is. Please no large dogs, that amount of obnoxiousness makes my head spin. Don't worry, though, I am a very sweet young lady. I just think ladies like myself are more alluring in independence. I am perfect, aren't I? Like a stained-glass chandelier in an open space. I am the most stunning addition to your home.

Rebecca K was her foster parent.

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